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Exhibition "Srbija 1914"


11 Nikola Pašić Square

September 2014 – January 2015

Opening hours:
12.00–20.00 every day except Monday
Ticket price:
200 dinars
Reduced ticket price
for pupils, students and pensioners:
100 dinars
Guided tours must be scheduled in advance

On the occasion
of the centenary of the First World War

Serbia 1914, the exhibition with which the Historical Museum of Serbia together with the Military Museum commemorate the centenary of the beginning of the First World War, is the result of a systematic approach to the analysis of historical facts. The introductory part of the exhibition has been designed with the aim of representing the dynamic growth of Serbian society in the field of politics, culture and the economy at the beginning of the 20th century, which was the period of Serbia’s emancipation and rise. The central part of the exhibition consists of reconstructions of the wartime events in Serbia in 1914.
The war efforts of the Serbian army and people during the first year of the Great War against the Austro-Hungarian aggression represent one of the key experiences of the Serbian nation in its modern history. At the same time, this watershed period of modern Serbian history, a period of communal sacrifice, is a part of the collective memory about which a general consensus has been reached. For a long time, it has been one part of the cultural heritage which, in the most positive way, articulates the consciousness of the citizens of Serbia.
As a modern museum project, the exhibition has been realized with the support of and in collaboration with numerous cultural institutions and individuals: the National Library of Serbia, the “Svetozar Marković” University Library, the Military Archives, the Archives of Serbia, the Historical Archives of Šumadija, Kragujevac, the National Museum of Kragujevac, The Railway Museum, Belgrade, the Belgrade City Museum, the Yugoslav Film Archives, and Branimir Gajić, Dušan Napijalo and Milan Timotić. We take this opportunity to express our deepest gratitude to all of them.

Dušica Bojić, PhD
Acting Director of the Historical Museum of Serbia

The "Srbija 1914" app is a unique mobile platform created with the aim of using new media
and innovative concepts in the promotion of cultural and historical heritage of Serbia.
By using augmented reality technology, the application enables you to interact with exhibits
and discover various multimedia contents that represent a digital extension of the exhibition.
The application is available for iOS and Android and consists of three basic sections:
Treasure hunt, Exhibition and Catalogue / Colouring book

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A location-based quest for cultural and historical treasure is a fun and innovative educational game
that enables you to learn about the cultural, scientific, economic and political life
of Belgrade and Serbia on the eve of World War I by using "Srbija 1914" app.
Unlock all six locations and win a free ticket for the exhibition "Srbija 1914" at the Historical Museum of Serbia!


Download and print the interactive colouring book,
and then within the app "Srbija 1914" choose the section Catalogue / Colouring book
and point the camera toward the previously coloured illustrations.